2017 Fall Ball 


Fall Ball 2017

Roseville PONY Baseball is happy to offer Fall Ball this year. The Fall Ball season will begin with practices beginning in mid-August and games ending in mid-November. The registration cost is $100 for the Pinto Division and $120 for the Mustang, Bronco, and Pony Divisions. A team shirt and hat are included with the registration fee. Player age is determined by player’s age on 8/31/2018 allowing players that are scheduled to move up in Spring 2018 an opportunity to adjust to their new division.

The registration for the 2017 Fall Ball season will be open from June 7th to August 11th. To register your child, visit Roseville PONY Baseball’s online registration.


Payments can be completed online with a credit card at the time registration is completed.

If paying by check, the check must be made out to: Roseville Pony Baseball. Checks written to “RPB”, “Roseville Pony”, or any variation cannot be accepted and will delay your player’s registration.


To request a Fall Ball registration refund, please email registrar@rosevilleponybaseball.com and include the following information:

  • Name of Player(s)
  • Team Name
  • Team Manager
  • Check Payable To
  • Remit Address

Refund requests must be received prior to end of day September 10th. No refunds will be issued for requests received after September 10th, 2017.


Fall Ball Details:

  • The season will be from mid-August to mid- November.
  • Division Ages include: Pinto, Mustang, Bronco, Pony
  • Practices will be one day a week until games begin. After the games begin there may not be weekday practices.
  • Games will be played on Sundays only.
  • There will be potential doubleheader games.
  • Game start times are to be determined but will most likely be between the hours of 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
  • Games will be played against other local PONY organizations (i.e. Rocklin, Golden Eagle, Orange Vale, North Highlands / Antelope)
  • All teams to consist of 11 players and not to exceed 15

Registration Fees:

  • Pinto Division - $100.00
  • Mustang Division - $120.00
  • Bronco Division - $120.00
  • Pony Division - $120.00

What are the Fall Ball registration dates?

Registration will be open from 6/7/2017 to 8/11/2017.

Why did the age cutoff date move from April 30th to August 31st?

In 2018 the age cutoff date will be pushed back to August to better align with school cutoff ages. This change is nationwide affecting all baseball organizations, not just Roseville PONY Baseball.

Roseville PONY Baseball is implementing the change for the 2017 Fall Ball season as we recognize some players will be skipping to the next higher division next spring. Implementing the change this fall will allow those players an opportunity to adjust to their new division.

When does Fall Ball begin and end?

The season will begin mid-August and end mid-November, prior to Thanksgiving.

What about uniforms?

A team shirt and hat is included with the registration fee. Players are required to supply all other gear.

Why is the Pinto Division fee less than the other divisions?

The games for the Mustang and older divisions will have umpires while the Pinto division will not. The additional fee cost is to cover the umpire fees.

Can my player play Fall Ball baseball if they play another fall sport?

Yes, Fall Ball games will be held on Sundays only. Fall Ball is meant to provide players a chance to continue playing baseball in the fall. Roseville PONY Baseball recognizes some players will also be playing other sports that typically have their games on Friday nights and/or Saturdays. Once the Fall Ball season begins there may not be any practices during the week.

What are the pitching and base distances?

Pinto Division: The pitching distance is 38’ and bases are 60’.

Mustang Division: The pitching distance is 46’ and bases are 60’.

Bronco Division: The pitching distance is 50’ and bases are 70’.

Pony Division: The pitching distance is 54’ and bases are 80’.